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Home theater installations take 10,000 hours to master

Malcolm Gladwell penned it takes roughly 10,000 hours to master a skill. I can say Home Theater installations take 10,000 hours to master. When I started down this road over 17 years ago, I never dreamed I would end up here all these years later. In that time, I’ve seen this industry change many times over. When I started there were no flat panels, no HD pictures or audio, no true multi-room audio systems that sounded any good, no true, dependable home automation and no voice control just to name a few. During my tenure, I’ve seen the first iPhone, Read more
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Why you need a professional to install your network and Wi-Fi in Sachse, Wylie and Murphy

Wi-Fi and the Internet is a pretty amazing tool.  Our Internet can be used to research almost anything, entertain, inform, share, control, bank and countless other things that make our lives productive, fun and interactive. The one thing missing from all the good points, however is the security aspect.  CEDIA, the foremost authority on home and small business networking and Wi-Fi stated many points in the following article: Secure home and small business networks and Wi-Fi   Our president came from an enterprise network and Wi-Fi environment.  So a home or small business network is relatively simple by comparison.   According to research, Read more
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Best WiFi Networking and Internet, Sachse, Wylie, Murphy

Have you ever experienced network problems and wanted to pull your hair out? WiFI and wired networks: In this day and time, WiFi and networking (surfing the web or playing games) is critical.  A recent poll concluded folks would rather be inconvenienced by being without power for a short time than be without Internet access.  Isn’t being connected extremely important these days?  With Facebook, Twitter, email etc… being everyone’s main way of communicating, to lose connectivity seems like losing a limb! It is important to have a company not only familiar with the design of a stable, dependable and self healing network but Read more
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Dimming LED bulbs

Are you interested in dimming your LED lights in Wylie, Frisco, McKinney, Frisco or Sachse?  Are all dimmer switches and LED lights the same?  Does it matter?  Well that’s an excellent question and I’ll do my best to answer it completely.  For the first question, are dimmer switches and LED lights the same…unequivocally no.  There are a wide range of dimmer switches that are solid state (think of this as an analog dimmer) and electronic.  How can you know which one to get or which bulb manufacturer will work well together.  I just got through reading an excellent article by Read more
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Remote Controls

Live in Sachse, Wylie, Murphy, Frisco, McKinney or surrounding areas and tired of having too many remotes? Watching tv or movies, or playing games shouldn’t be hard because of your remote control. One button on and one button off makes your life easier. Beauty and simplicity matters when it comes to remote controls. We are the pros to get you 1 remote to rule them all! Read more
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Best Home Automation System Frisco TX: Two Top Home Automation Trends

The best home automation system Frisco TX combines comfort, security and entertainment to provide home owners with the best in living environments. Through the latest innovations in home automation systems, home owners are able to have top quality entertainment and security systems that operate with little or no effort. Take a look at two of the newest trends in home automation systems in 2016: Best Home Automation System Frisco TX:  Home Television as a Smart Hub Smart technology is used in many ways in the home environment. Currently there are a lot of home management systems that utilize a small Read more
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Speaker Quality for the Best Home Theater System Frisco TX

When you’re considering the best home theater system Frisco TX, the speakers you choose are important. The experts at Heavenly Home Theater can offer the perfect home theater solution for your particular space. Typically, speakers should be of the same quality from the same manufacturer. The reason for this is that sound quality varies per manufacture and even different types of speakers from that same manufacturer. This is not a situation where you want to mix and match according to size and cost. Call Heavenly Home Theater  at (972) 737-1500 today to set up an appointment to have the best home Read more
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Let Your Imagination Run Wild With Your Home Theater System Murphy TX

If you’ve always wanted a home theater system Murphy TX and you’re thinking that the time is right to have one installed in your home, then it’s time to call us at Heavenly Home Theater.  We are the home theater experts and we can set up the perfect system for you and your home — no matter where you want it set up or how big your home is.  We can install your home theater in the smallest room of your home or even in your backyard.  But even though we’ll help you to decide which are the best components Read more
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Why You Need Lighting Control Systems Frisco TX For Your Home

Great lighting and lighting control systems Frisco TX can help you to have the kind of home you’ve always dreamed of.  The right lighting can improve the look of any space and a lighting control system can make manipulating that lighting easy and convenient by allowing you to dim lights or turn lights on and off from anywhere in your home and much more.  Here are some of the ways that lighting and lighting control technology can work for you: Lighting Controls Frisco TX:  Control Lights With Your Smartphone Or Tablet Almost all lighting control systems have an app, which Read more
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Home Audio Frisco TX: Maximize Your Movie Experience with Better Sound

Professional home audio Frisco TX can make the difference between a mundane listening experience and rich, full sound. Clear, nuanced THX sound with proper balance between treble and bass is just as important to a custom home theater as a high-definition screen. The proper mix of speakers is also important for whole house (or single room) audio system. A custom sound system designed by a professional will enhance your listening experience. Home Audio Frisco TX: How to Choose Speakers Pre-matched surround sound systems usually include 5 speakers plus a subwoofer. If you’d rather buy each piece individually, here are two Read more