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Dimming LED bulbs

Are you interested in dimming your LED lights in Wylie, Frisco, McKinney, Frisco or Sachse?  Are all dimmer switches and LED lights the same?  Does it matter?  Well that’s an excellent question and I’ll do my best to answer it completely.  For the first question, are dimmer switches and LED lights the same…unequivocally no.  There are a wide range of dimmer switches that are solid state (think of this as an analog dimmer) and electronic.  How can you know which one to get or which bulb manufacturer will work well together.  I just got through reading an excellent article by Read more
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New Site Launch!

We’ve been working hard to prepare a new site design that represents our expertise, experience, and passion for the audio and video world.  You’ll begin to see blog and video posts discussing the latest and greatest technology out there. We’ll give you recommendations, warnings, and did-you-knows. We’ll educate and entertain you. And, we’ll always have your best interest at heart.  We hope you enjoy the site, we hope you enjoy working with Heavenly Home Theater, and most of all – we hope you enjoy your media room, outdoor entertainment system, lighting control, music throughout your home, networks and cameras, and your home automation! Read more