Dimming LED bulbs

Are you interested in dimming your LED lights in Wylie, Frisco, McKinney, Frisco or Sachse?  Are all dimmer switches and LED lights the same?  Does it matter?  Well that’s an excellent question and I’ll do my best to answer it completely.  For the first question, are dimmer switches and LED lights the same…unequivocally no.  There are a wide range of dimmer switches that are solid state (think of this as an analog dimmer) and electronic.  How can you know which one to get or which bulb manufacturer will work well together.  I just got through reading an excellent article by Brodrick, PhD, and he does an amazing job of explaining the tremendous difficulties in solid state dimmers and LED bulbs.  In a nutshell, the only real answer is by real world testing.  That testing includes both the dimmer and the bulb in a circuit.  So not just replacing on bulb on a circuit that carries four but actually replacing all four bulbs and then doing a gamut of testing.  My purpose is simply to say when choosing to switch to LED bulbs and dimmers, consult an expert.  I’ve been working with dimming now close to 20 years and I’ve seen the entire industry change multiple times now.  Save yourself a ton of work and heartache and leave that to the experts.  Whether you choose us or not, at least choose a company that has been around a while and has installed hundreds, if not thousands of these devices.  If you’d like to read that article, it’s here:


Furthermore, if automating dimming is something you are considering, this first part is paramount.  If the dimmers don’t work with the bulbs, automation counts for nothing.  Each stage is important regarding the design, compatibility, layout, fixtures and ultimately the final product.  Mood, atmosphere and ambiance are what most folks are looking to do with dimming and/or automation.  We can handle every aspect of that dream but it all starts in the beginning.  Dimming switches and bulbs are key.  If one get’s those right, the rest becomes easier to implement and create the feel you’d like to achieve for your home.  Are homes are our castles.  Everyone likes to feel safe, secure and calm.  Lighting is the perfect instrument to achieve that and dimming provides the solution to that problem.

In the end, we can make your life a whole lot easier.  Lighting Control Systems Frisco TX

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