Home Audio Frisco TX: Maximize Your Movie Experience with Better Sound

Home Audio Frisco TXProfessional home audio Frisco TX can make the difference between a mundane listening experience and rich, full sound. Clear, nuanced THX sound with proper balance between treble and bass is just as important to a custom home theater as a high-definition screen. The proper mix of speakers is also important for whole house (or single room) audio system. A custom sound system designed by a professional will enhance your listening experience.

Home Audio Frisco TX: How to Choose Speakers

Pre-matched surround sound systems usually include 5 speakers plus a subwoofer. If you’d rather buy each piece individually, here are two things to discuss with your home theater designer:

Is your home theater in a separate room, or is it part of your family room?

 In a game room, den or other space where a home theater is just one of the attractions, speakers should be small and inconspicuous. This leaves enough space for socializing and other activities. Small speakers blend in with the décor and won’t detract from the rest of the space. If your home theater is in a medium or large room used exclusively for watching movies and TV, you can use large, audiophile quality speakers. These speakers bring the crisp, clear sound you’d hear in a movie theater to your home.

Home Audio Systems Frisco TX: Will you need a space-saving sound bar for a streamlined look?

Place speakers where they will provide the best surround sound without getting in the way of family and friends. Sound bar speaker systems do the job of front and rear speakers without taking up much space. Sound bars are thin bars of small, built-in speakers placed underneath your TV. They provide excellent audio quality and eliminate the need for bulky speakers.

Best Home Audio System Frisco TX: In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

 If you don’t want to sacrifice space for sound quality, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are a good option. These speakers are mounted in frames and installed in your wall or ceiling. Your wall cavities become speaker cabinets and emit a bigger bass sound than many regular speakers. Ask your home audio designer about the number of speakers you’ll need and where they should be placed. A large home theater will need several speakers to provide THX or other movie theater quality sound; a background music system in your kitchen or bathroom needs small, moisture-resistant speakers.

To learn more about custom home audio Frisco TX, call the experts at Heavenly Home Theater at 972-737-1500. We have over 14 years experience in home audio and custom home theater installation. Our services include lighting automation, outdoor entertainment centers and foolproof wired and wireless networks to keep your lights and camera on remotely during power outages.

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