Let Your Imagination Run Wild With Your Home Theater System Murphy TX

Home Theater System Murphy TXIf you’ve always wanted a home theater system Murphy TX and you’re thinking that the time is right to have one installed in your home, then it’s time to call us at Heavenly Home Theater.  We are the home theater experts and we can set up the perfect system for you and your home — no matter where you want it set up or how big your home is.  We can install your home theater in the smallest room of your home or even in your backyard.  But even though we’ll help you to decide which are the best components for viewing and sound, it’s up to you to set the stage — and that’s where the fun begins.

Best Home Theater System Murphy TX:  Have Year-Round Fun In Your Outdoor Home Theater

Have you thought about remodeling your outside space to include a covered kitchen with a grill and fridge?  Why not add an outdoor home theater with comfortable chairs and a big-screen TV for the perfect area for barbecuing and watching sports?   Or if you’re hosting children’s parties, it’s the perfect way to keep the kids outside and entertained, especially if you have a swimming pool.  You can have an even bigger screen set up near the pool area for those sultry afternoons when you just want to float around your pool, watching your favorite action/adventure movie.  How about a cabana with a home theater setup?  You know that with our warm, Texas weather, you’ll be able to enjoy it almost year-round.

Home Theater Murphy TX:  Choose A Theme For Your Indoor Home Theater

If you want to do your TV, movie or sports watching indoors, having us convert one of your rooms into a custom home theater will give you an excuse to redecorate, and unlike every other room in your home, there are no rules when it comes to decorating a home theater.  Want to make it retro by adding velvet curtains, old-fashioned, tin movie theater snack signs and setting up your own concession stand, complete with a popcorn machine?  You can do that.  If you’re watching sports inside, you can decorate your viewing room with sports memorabilia and you can include a bar area where you can serve salty snacks and beer on tap.  If you have a bigger viewing room, a drive-in movie theme can really set the stage for fun movie nights with friends and family.  Dark paint and twinkling lights in the ceiling coupled with retro movie posters and car-themed seating can really make the room special.

Home Theater System Murphy TX:  Make Your Indoor Home Theater Relaxing

Just because you’re watching sports and movies doesn’t mean your room has to be movie- or sports-themed.  You may just want a comfortable room with big, cushioned armchairs or a sectional sofa to relax on while you watch TV.  And even though you’re not going with a theme for your room, that doesn’t mean it has to look like every other room in your home.  Paint the walls your favorite color; add floor cushions and throws to make it a room you’d want to be in even when the theater system isn’t in use.

When you’re ready to get started with a home theater system Murphy TX, call us at Heavenly Home Theater at (972) 737-1500.  Visit us at www.heavenlyhometheater.com to see a portfolio of our work and to learn more about what we can do for you.

Home Theater System Murphy TX
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