Lighting Control

Paint your home with light – and save money!

Lighting control adds elegance by creating different lighting scenes, as well as improves the energy savings in your home. Personalized lighting scenes are set up to complement your changing needs throughout the day. For example, if you get home from work at 6:00 pm most days, lights can be programmed to be on at the desired level when you walk in.

Lights are easily dimmed according to the needs of a single room or the whole house using designer wall plates and keypads. Standard light switches are one of the few appliances that only have 2 settings: on and off. By using dimmers and preset scenes, you can use light to fit with specific tasks, moods, or situations, improving your experience and saving wasted energy. Sensors can turn lights off when the room is unoccupied. Electronic shades also help reduce glare and solar heat.  Studies have shown that lights create moods. Wouldn’t it be great if you could work with a lighting control expert that could help you create mood lighting at the touch of a button?

We have done many lighting control systems that greatly increase the home’s fun and mood factor. Contact us today to paint with light!

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