Music Throughout The Home

Whole house audio…what is that?  Simply put, it means having music streamed through your in-wall or in-ceiling speakers all throughout your home. Music can evoke passion, pleasure, peace, excitement, joy, and even sadness. If you love your music like we do, let’s talk!

Heavenly Home Theater revels in creating high quality, reference-grade sound that is music to your ears. We give you the control to pick the type of music you want, where you want, when you want.  iPOD’s are great for earphones – but not for excellent sounding music throughout your home. Experience music richly by allowing us to install the speakers, equipment, and cabling necessary to give you the best sound possible.

We utilize manufacturers that offer lifetime guarantees on most of the speakers we install, so you can be assured of high quality, long lasting equipment. Contact us today to speak with an expert that loves music as much as you.

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