Networks & Cameras

Networks are the backbone of any good audio/video system and automated home.  Without a stable network, the whole process fails.  Heavenly Home Theater designs, installs and maintains bullet proof wired and wireless networks along with high definition surveillance.  With our back-up and off-site command and control, you can be assured your network will stay online all the time.

Studies have shown that being online in today’s world in some ways is more important than electricity.  If the power goes out and you are still connected, all is well.  But if you are disconnected, it’s a crises. Your Internet provider will be responsible for the connection to your home, but we take over from there.  In fact, with optional monitoring services*, we can help keep your cameras, lighting, climate control and even your TV systems up -remotely- if failures occur.

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*Heavenly Home Theater can provide back up systems and remote monitoring with capabilities to reboot and even repower failed devices on the network.

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