Why you need a professional to install your network and Wi-Fi in Sachse, Wylie and Murphy

Wi-Fi and the Internet is a pretty amazing tool.  Our Internet can be used to research almost anything, entertain, inform, share, control, bank and countless other things that make our lives productive, fun and interactive.

The one thing missing from all the good points, however is the security aspect.  CEDIA, the foremost authority on home and small business networking and Wi-Fi stated many points in the following article:

Secure home and small business networks and Wi-Fi


Our president came from an enterprise network and Wi-Fi environment.  So a home or small business network is relatively simple by comparison.   According to research, millions of bits of data are transferred from networks every single day and a lot of that data isn’t very secure.  Do you want your information being available to just anyone?  I would think not.  A secure Wi-Fi network or wired network is paramount in keeping your data safe.  Why take the risk?  Don’t assume that just because you buy a product it’s off the shelf safe.  Being proactive is the most important thing to consider before doing a network or Wi-Fi environment on your own.  Don’t be a fool when it comes to your Wi-Fi network.  Do the research and find people that are passionate about this type of work.

Relax.  Hire a professional company that can build a Wi-Fi network that helps you keep your information safe.  Heavenly Home Theater has the knowledge, training, experience and equipment to give you peace of mind.

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